Meet The Team

We are a very strong team of staff who really enjoy the feeling of community we provide within our preschool. We all believe that every child has the right to the best quality learning practice and that given these opportunities that each and every one can flourish. 


Imogen Godfrey PGCE BSc

Preschool Manager

“I have been teaching for nearly 20 years and specialised in Early Years for much of this. I have lived in Clophill with my young family since 2012 with my daughter being the first child to attend Clophill Preschool! We set the Preschool up in 2013 feeling the need to provide high quality Early years learning through a varied and exciting curriculum that utilises the natural environment as a learning tool. My interests lie in arts and crafts as well as travel and the environment. I am constantly amazed by what our little preschool has achieved and how we are developing into an incomparable setting with parents from far and wide seeking us out for their children.”



Christine Martin NNEB

Preschool Manager

“I have been in Early Years for nearly 30 years and have spent much of this bringing up my 3 boys on our small-holding. I have a passion for the outdoors, and animals, particularly the local flora and fauna and have been in the village since 2006. When Imogen and I set up our Preschool I had a vision to incorporate this fantastic landscape that we are surrounded by into the children’s learning environment. I knew how vital a learning experience my boys had gained from exploring and learning outside and that this was what I wanted to replicate in our little preschool. “


Lynne. 2.JPG

Lynne Banks (CACHE Level 3 Diploma for the Early Years Workforce: Early Years Educator)

Preschool Assistant

“I trained while working at Clophill Preschool after a long career as a riding instructor teaching both children and adults. I have horses of my own as well as 2 children, many dogs and a husband! I believe that experiencing and understanding the natural world around them enriches children’s lives and their learning and my own children have very much been brought up to respect and engage in the outdoors. I am constantly astounded and inspired by how children notice the smallest of details on the petals of a flower or a spiders web dusted in frost and I like nothing more than spending my time at preschool, whatever the weather, engaging outside, whether tending the allotment or searching for bugs.”



Julie Steadman (NVQ Early Years Care and Education)

Key Worker

“I am a very theatrical person who loves to engage the children in imaginative play. I have had many roles in preschools and nurseries and have travelled the world, along with my family, as my husband was in the army for many years. I currently run my own theatre company that visits schools and local events showcasing stories and plays. I have known Chris and Imogen for many years and love their ethos of outdoor play, the children really thrive on exploring through nature and it allows them a freedom of imagination the indoors just cannot bring.”



Carol Richardson

Key Worker

“I have also joined the setting this year and have been really pleased to find a setting whose ethos I can completely relate to. I have four daughters and love nothing more than spending time with my youngest out on our allotment growing vegetables for the table. Although I only recently qualified as an Early Years practitioner, I have spent over 16 years involved in preschool committee life since my first daughter started at her setting. I am now thrilled to be able to put my passion into process through my role here at Clophill.”



Stephanie Day

Preschool Assistant

“I have just started my degree in Education and having worked at Clophill Preschool last year, I am really pleased to be able to continue my role in between studies. It has been incredibly valuable to my training to be able to experience this kind of setting. I love being part of the team and have learnt so much since I have been here. The outdoor area is fantastic and I have really been able to notice how much better the children learn and play in the outdoors.“